Hello and Welcome Infiniti RPG. We are a community that is built to provide you with advancement in your Minecraft world.  We have currently four Modifications and have one that will be released soon. So check often.


Enrichment Ores (Member ONLY Plugin)- free
This Modification adds some cool new blocks, ores, weapons and tools that you can use in your world.

Life Animals
This Mod adds new custom animals to your World. Some mobs are passive and some are not.

Simple Commands
So everyone who has played on servers (especially server staff) has used the shorten down commands such as /gms or gmc. This Mod is to bring that to single player. Don’t like commands? There is a GUI (command box)that you can use as well. The commands has a custom message as well.

Darkside is similar to Wonderworld it is a new dimension. It has some neat mobs that fit the theme and includes an awesome sword.

Demi Realm (New)
Demi Realm is a dimension that is bare of most anything green except for a few new plants that has came to spout. No tress has leaves. We give you three new weapons.