WonderWorld shut down

At this current time we will no longer be supporting or updating the modification WonderWorld. We are going to work on our other Modifications.

The reason for this decision was due to Darkside was what WonderWorld was meant to be. We are gonna put what we was doing with WonderWorld into Darkside.

You may still download this modification over at Planet Minecraft.

New Site Addition & New Modification

We have added a new Modification to your useage. It is called Enrichment Ores. It can ONLY be downloaded from our site.

Comes with…

  • 2 Custom Blocks
  • 2 Custom ores (one that can be used a fuel)
  • 3 Custom Weapons
  • 1 Custom Pickaxe

How do you get this? You must be a member to download this mod. If you have not already you can join for free.

New Membership System

We have implanted a membership system into our site to give you the extra benefits we can provide you. This membership is free and comes with some great benefits such as..

  • Get Quick Support
  • Access to Infiniti RPG only Mods
  • Access to Beta Mode
  • Always FREE

Simple Commands Version 1.0.2

We have just released Version 1.0.2 of Simple Commands. It includes..


– /peaceful – goes into peaceful (added 1.0.2)
– /easy – goes into easy (added 1.0.2)
– /normal – goes into normal (added 1.0.2)
– /hard – goes into hard (added 1.0.2)


– Changed the Command box to reflect the new commands

Life Animals Version 1.0.3

Today we are releasing Life Animals V1.03.


  • A new Ghast (Howl)
  • A new chicken (brown chicken) “ride-able”


  • Fixed a minor bug with the boar generating like a villager.

Site Changes

Hello and thank you for visiting today. We decided we needed a new look, something simple but unique. We have decided on a theme created by Themeansar. They have done a wonderful job to help design our world a bit better.