Darkside is similar to Wonderworld it is a new dimension. The question I am sure you have is “What makes it different”.

Features of Darkside:

  • Whole new design, Ground has new grass and dirt, the world is darker
  • New Mobs (Ghasteers Villinger, Skelly, Clyde, and big charlie)
  • The dimension has its own Biome
  • Tizona is a new custom sword
  • Orphen Pickaxe is a custom Pickaxe (ADDED V1.0.1)
  • Soul Creeper is a fast creeper. (ADDED V1.0.1) Skin made by Kejzi
  • Poisonous Caterpillar – neat and deadly Caterpillar (ADDED V1.0.1) Skin made by BrayanBS
  • Srine – Interesting Grass the produce fruit. (ADDED V1.0.1)
  • Ash Tangerine – Ediable fruit that comes from the Srine Plant (ADDED V1.0.1)

To build the Portal to Dark side, you need 8 coal and 1 stone block, place them together like normal and light them with a “starter (only can be obtain in creative at this time)”

To craft the Tizona you need

  • 2 Bloats (they come from killing big charlie)
  • 1 stick

To craft the Orphen Pickaxe you need

  • 5 Bloats (they come from killing big charlie
  • 2 sticks

Check out the Gallery to see the pictures of this mod.



Version: 1.0.1
Published: June 29, 2020