Life Animals

This Mod adds new custom animals to your World. Some mobs are passive and some are not.

  • Colonel Sanders (custom chicken) – ride-able (skin designed by cesario22)
  • Black Pig (custom pig) will attack for no reason (skin designed by NinjaCrafter22)
  • Mini Slimes (custom slime) – can ride (skin designed by krenotenze)
  • Next Level Creeper (custom creeper) – Can see you from a further distance (skin designed by Pixel Miner 0282084974)
  • One Eye Ghast – will attack if hit. (does not fly) – (skin designed by Gabriel 12)
  • Peaceful Vindicator – will attack if hit. (skin designed by Soiboi)
  • Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula – can see you from further distance (skin designed by StarterHumanoid) ADDED on v1.01
  • Pug – Just a dog you can ride around (skin designed by ADIHUI ) ADDED on V1.02
  • Boar – A different style pig (skin designed by FrostbiteMetal4 ) ADDED on V1.02
  • Ashen Cow – A grey looking cow (skin designed by Pitiful ) ADDED on V1.02
  • Howl – this is another kind of Ghast. (skin designed by  Nic Co) ADDED on v1.03
  • Brown Chicken – this chicken is also ride-able (skin designed by  Guy26) ADDED on v1.03
Check out the Gallery to see the pictures of this mod.
Version: 1.03
Published: June 27, 2020