Simple Commands

Jun 27, 2020 by Editname
Simple Commands
So everyone who has played on servers (especially server staff) has used the shorten down commands such as /gms or gmc. This Mod is to bring that to single player. Don’t like commands? There is a GUI (command box)that you can use as well. The commands has a custom message as well.
– /gms – places you into survival (can be initiate on command box)
– /gmc – places you into creative (can be initiate on command box)
– /gma – places you into adventure (can be initiate on command box)
– /rain – makes it rain (added 1.01)
– /sun –  makes it not rain (added 1.01)
– /day –  makes it day time (added 1.01)
– /night –  makes it night time (added 1.01)
– /peaceful – goes into peaceful (added 1.0.2)
– /easy – goes into easy (added 1.0.2)
– /normal – goes into normal (added 1.0.2)
– /hard – goes into hard (added 1.0.2)
Command box was updated in 1.0.2 to reflect current commands.
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Change log

Re-did message for gamemodes
– Added new commands (rain, sun, day, night) with custom messages

Version: 1.0.2
Published: June 27, 2020